Marc Trotereau



Lamp·shade n.
Any of various protective or ornamental coverings used to screen a light bulb.

The Wireshade project is an interpretation of the making and the use of the lampshade. The traditional making of a lampshade is a flexible and relatively easy process based on brazing metal rods. I decided to adapt this way of making by creating a jig which gives the possibility to braze three metal rods together at the same time. This set up enable the production of three-dimensional cubical shapes. The structure is painted or powder-coated and then covered with some corrugated plastic also known as ‘Correx’. The morphology of the ‘Correx’ gives the possibility to clip it to the metal structure.

I developed an easy and flexible process to create shells which can be used as lampshades. Due to this ductile way of creating structures, I can produce bespoke lampshades for every type of walls, ceilings, corners...

The lampshade becomes a sculptural and unique object which can adapt its shape to any type of space.




Outside Corner ‘Peanut Factory’. Dim: 70cm x 58cm x 45cm
Brazed mild steel structure / Varnished / ‘Correx’ panels / 2 CFL bulbs. 


DSC 0225

DSC 0226

Installation ceiling with wooden beams ‘Gea's Atelier’ Edam. Dim: 210cm x 56cm x 35cm
Brazed mild steel structures (6 parts) / Powder coated light grey/ ‘Correx’ panels / 6 CFL bulbs. 



'Glass version' Mint Shop London. Dim: 45cm x 50cm x 38cm
Brazed Brass structure/ Varnished / Glass panels & P.U resin / 2 CFL bulbs. 



‘Duo’ Mint Shop London. Dim: 210cm x 56cm x 35cm
Brazed mild steel structure (2 parts) / Powder coated Dark grey / ‘Correx’ panels / 4 CFL bulbs.



'Pendant Claire' London. Credits: Laura Fulmine.
Dim: 40cm x 49cm x 38cm. Brazed mild steel structure / Powder coated dark grey/ ‘Correx’ panels / 1 CFL bulb.


DSC 0375

'Pendants' ICFF, New-York. Dim: 52cm x 48cm x 35cm
Brazed mild steel structure / Powder coated Black / ‘Correx’ panels / 1 CFL bulb. 


DSC 0205

'Roos’ Edam. Dim: 35cm x 44cm x 35cm
Brazed mild steel structure / Powder coated light grey / ‘Correx’ panels / 1 CFL bulb. 



‘Inner corner’ & bare structure. Dim: 48cm x 55cm x 39cm
Brazed mild steel structure / Powder coated light green / ‘Correx’ panels / 2 CFL bulbs.



'Pendant Claire' London. Credits: Michiel Meewis.